What is Woven?

Woven is a resource for the LGBT community.

Our sole purpose is to be the most trusted and capable source of legal and financial education and services for LGBT individuals and couples. Woven features up-to-date information, as well as a national provider directory comprised of attorneys, financial advisors, tax and insurance professionals - people who understand the unique interests and challenges faced by the community and how to plan for them.

Provider Spotlight:
David Smith
The problems arising from divorce can quickly become overwhelming. How can I protect my parental rights to see my children? How long is this process going to take? How will this affect my retirement and estates?Whether contested or not, divorce is tough. So is lawyer David W. Smith II. Mr. Smith is an experienced Oklahoma City divorce attorney who has spent countless hours in courtrooms across Oklahoma fighting on behalf of his clients. As an intelligent and sophisticated advocate, he can help...

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Woven | May 27, 2014
As same-sex marriage bans are struck down in state after state, one underlying issue that hasn’t received as much press is that of hospital discrimination. While same-sex couples have been granted visitation rights, several accounts from...
Alison Stanton | May 21, 2014
Prudential Financial Inc. recently released a white paper that addresses the various changes that LGBT couples are facing in the post-DOMA world. As a result of the ruling, employee benefits and financial strategies that were once available to only...
Woven | May 15, 2014
The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has released a new study regarding LGBT discrimination within the workplace outlining relatively low inclusion among businesses although the federal government has attempted to crack down on such discrimination....
Woven | May 9, 2014
It’s true, Millennials are unlike any other generation on the earth. The nature of those who fall into the Millennial generation is that of inclusion, acceptance and frankly, “let people be who they want to be.” A survey conducted...
Woven | May 5, 2014
In 2002, only 13 top rated businesses exercised equality within the business for those in the LGBT community. Now, the list of businesses exceeds 300 and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation honored 304 major U.S. employers earlier this month for...

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Our network is designed to house a directory of professionals serving the LGBT community.

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