What is Woven?

Woven is a resource for the LGBT community.

Our sole purpose is to be the most trusted and capable source of legal and financial education and services for LGBT individuals and couples. Woven features up-to-date information, as well as a national provider directory comprised of attorneys, financial advisors, tax and insurance professionals - people who understand the unique interests and challenges faced by the community and how to plan for them.

Provider Spotlight:
Shannon D. Taylor
When people in the Oklahoma City region need a compassionate lawyer who understands both the legal and personal effects of a family law problem, they can count on my law firm, Shannon D. Taylor, PLLC.  I am an Oklahoma City family law attorney providing compassionate guidance and representation in a variety of family related legal matters, including but not limited to:  Adoption and Guardianship;  Equality Planning for Unmarried Partners;  Probate/Estate...

Live Woven

As you save and invest for retirement, what are your ultimate goals? Do you plan on traveling the world? Purchasing a vacation home? Pursuing your hobbies? People often think and plan for these costs. Yet, too often, many of us overlook what...
Woven | April 11, 2014
While race discrimination has been an ongoing battle throughout our country’s history that society should have overcome by now, it has yet to subside in some areas and within some families. Unfortunately, the Black LGBT community faces the...
Alison Stanton | April 7, 2014
As more states legalize same-sex marriage, the LGBT community is at the forefront of many recent news stories. While articles about same-sex couples tying the knot in certain states are becoming more commonplace—and acceptance of LGBT people...
Woven | April 5, 2014
Attorney General Eric H. Holder calls gay rights one of “the defining civil rights challenges of our time.” That being said, he believes attorneys general in states should be free to choose whether they wish to defend gay marriage bans....
Woven | April 3, 2014
This year’s tax season is packed with anticipation and excitement for same-sex couples who just recently married legally within the last year. The ability to file jointly has been desired for quite some time. While filing jointly brings a...

Provider Network

Our network is designed to house a directory of professionals serving the LGBT community.

If you are an attorney, financial advisor, CPA or insurance professional, committed to working with the LGBT community to ensure a secure future for all, here's how you can join the Woven network. Click here.